ARTSONIA week # 10


This weeks blog is on a web site called Artsonia. I chose this because I`m an art teacher and I plan on using this site this up coming year. My school has asked the staff to have a larger digital footprint next year. Artsonia is the perfect solution for their request.

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Artsonia is listed as “the worlds largest kid`s art museum” and its most used function is a digital Art gallery. These art galleries are uploaded and maintained by teachers. Each school can have multiple galleries divided by class,grade, or teacher.The reason that I want to use this website is that to much of the student work I give back never finds it`s way back to the home or to parents. With artsonia parents can send links to grandparents or other relatives to allow them to view student work. They even have a feature where anyone with the link can buy a print of the art work. The proceeds are then split, 50% going to artsonia 50% going back the school to help supplement their art budget.This last feature is great  who wouldn`t want more funds in their budget.

Here is the teacher login in page listing some of these features.

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After logging in to the teacher page there is a feature that I plan on using this up coming year.

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Specifically the sections on the left side,lesson plans,newsletters and helpful Resources.Checking out lesson plans is a great way to improve your teaching. You can find stuff that you’re not doing or find ideas to modify your existing lesson plans.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 8.36.15 AM.pngI signed up for the lesson plans of the week and so far there has been  many wonderful lessons.


Artsonia has a parents tab….

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As I previously stated on the parents page,parents can start a fan club and send links to relatives and friends. They can also buy gear with their child`s art printed right on whatever it is. I think this is a cool feature that makes Artsonia standout. What grandma wouldn`t  want a mug with little johnnies attempt at starry night on it. The giftshop section shows what available.

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The last reason that I am going to use Artsonia is because my school wants a larger digital footprint. They want all teachers to have a visible presence on the internet. They are also requiring that all of our classes have a way of delivering content to students in case of an emergency. Artsonia will allow me to display hundreds of student made art work and allow me to have a digital record of all works. Check out Artsonia.





This weeks blog is on TED-ED.

What is TED-Ed? TED-Ed is TED`s youth and education initiative. TED-Ed is designed to help students and educators create and share interesting and engaging content. There is an extensive library of both professionally created lessons and user created lessons. There is also TED-Ed originals,which are ” are our signature content: short, award-winning animated videos about ideas that spark the curiosity of learners everywhere”. These Originals are collaborative efforts from TED speakers, TED Fellows and experts in many fields from animations to space exploration. The Originals have questions a resources attached so educational professionals can use them in their class rooms.

Creating these lessons is very easy and can be save and used over and over. These lessons are very affective in a flipped classroom set up. Heres a screenshot of the set up page

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Here is a Original. You can chose filter these…

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