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Hi this weeks post is on a new product that I found called DigiExam.

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I sounds too good to be true how can you make cheat proof exams. This company started in Sweden and has since expanded worldwide. Sweden has been a leader in educational advancements for the last 10 years. Here are some more facts.

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DigiExam is a teachers dream find. Teachers can spend much less time creating and grading exams. The exams they make are cheat-proof which I find amazing and can be taken on or offline.Exams can be created collaboratively with an entire department making a much more consistent model. There is an exam library that every teacher can create, save and share exams. The exams can be graded anonymously, taking away any teacher bias or prejudice. Plus everything the teacher needs is right at his or her fingertips with user friendly software.

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Environmentally DigiExam can save on physical printer usage and paper consumption. There will be money saved on expensive ink and copier repair bills. Districts can also save money by not having to invest in hardware that is outdated almost immediately.

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Students can benefit from DigiExams as well.They can use their own device, one they are comfortable with. Students can also edit and delete their written text faster and more efficiently.Most student now a days can type faster and neater than they can hand write an exam. I have terrible hand writing and so does many of my students.

Here is the Q & A page:

Q & A

Here is a list of prominent schools that use DigiExam.

The Hewitt School is a private K-12 school for girls and young women in New York City.

Dwight School

The Browning School a college preparatory school for boys

Birch Wathen Lenox is a New York City college preparatory K-12 school

“The Viktor Rydberg Schools Foundation has three upper secondary schools and two secondary school in the Stockholm area. The three upper secondary schools are bilingual and about a third of the tuition is given in English by native speakers.”




One thought on “DigiExam

  1. No one will argue that social media has both pros and cons. As technology continues to evolve and
    our schools constantly try to keep up, as educators, we must be leaders in educational technology. As educators and parents, we must be aware of what apps and sites students are using. In a 2011 study, Junco found that when used effectively, social media promotes learning by facilitating communication and information sharing. “Social media can support student engagement, collaboration, and self-managed learning by creating a platform for meaningful, natural discussion.”

    All in all, digital citizenship education is a must for all ages! Statistics and facts were quite useful. Thank you! I will be adding this to my collection 😉


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