Week 2 Socrative

Hi My Cool Tool  is called Socrative.


Socrative is a program that teachers can use to have online quizzes and interactive discussions. There is a quiz tagging feature to help students navigate the site better.The feature that I like is that there is question randomization and answer randomization. For me as an Art teacher I can put images/picture in the question area. Socrative has a team/group work feature that can make these quizzes competitive which for me in a all boys school is a great way to get my students engaged.

Once the quizzes are finished there is a report function that is very important because it gives the teacher immediate feedback about content that may or may not need to be reviewed.

2 thoughts on “Week 2 Socrative

  1. Wow this Socrative assessment platform looks very cool. Data driven assessment and academic changes is something I think a lot of instructors have a hard time with. Our situation is moving towards blended learning and I think that this would be a great platform to use as sort of a formal assessment and retake it into the classroom. I love how this application shows glass of real-time data. I’ve only had a few classes in which we’ve used real time day like this but they’ve all have been very engaging. The real-time date is a great way to export discussion in the classroom. And I find that the learners are always anxious to see what their fellow classmates think. The competitiveness drives the students to do well


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